A routine to allow the processing of a ADIF log data to create SOTA and WWFF import files.


ADIF file exported from logging software is the input.

I use MacLoggerDX that has ADIF support. 



<CALL:6>VK3AFW<NAME:8>Ron COOK<QTH:13>OAKLEIGH, VIC<QSO_DATE:8>20131101<TIME_ON:6>083000<TIME_OFF:6>083000<FREQ_RX:4>7.09<FREQ:4>7.09<BAND:3>40M<BAND_RX:3>40M<MODE:3>SSB<TX_PWR:1>5<ANT_AZ:3>108<RST_SENT:2>59<RST_RCVD:2>59<QSL_VIA:4>Mail<DXCC:3>150<COUNTRY:9>Australia<IOTA:6>OC-001<MY_SOTA_REF:10>VK3/VT004<GRIDSQUARE:6>QF22mc<LAT:10>-37.904353<LON:10>145.077124<MY_GRIDSQUARE:6>QF22ah<OPERATOR:6>VK3HRA<MY_RIG:12>Yaesu FT-897<COMMENT:22>Class: Ad, qrzloc:user<EOR>

Following ADIF data fields are expected during upload and will be processed:

CSV LogSearch format.

stationCall operatorCall reference qsoDate qsoTime qsoBand qsoMode hunterCall EOH

VK3PF/p, VK3PF, VKFF-622, 20140427, 004500, 40m, SSB, VK1MBE/p, EOR

VK3PF/p, VK3PF, VKFF-622, 20140427, 004700, 40m, SSB, VK3CAT, EOR

VK3PF/p, VK3PF, VKFF-622, 20140427, 005200, 40m, SSB, VK3ZPF, EOR

VK3PF/p, VK3PF, VKFF-622, 20140427, 005300, 40m, SSB, VK3MRG, EOR

VK3PF/p, VK3PF, VKFF-622, 20140427, 005500, 40m, SSB, VK1MA/2, EOR

VK3PF/p, VK3PF, VKFF-622, 20140427, 005530, 40m, SSB, VK3FQSO, EOR



Note:The date format in CSV files must be YYYYMMDD

Please name your file as follows: VK5ABC@VKFF10120150630

Currently Three tables are presented based on the data within the ADIF file processed.

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