Operating frequencies

The majority of SOTA activity within Australia to date has been concentrated on the 40m band (ssb) where 7.090 has been adopted as a starting frequency.With additional associations coming online 20M has seen increased usage where 14.285 appears to be the norm. CW activity on 40m is also increasing where 7.032 is being used.

Recommended frequencies for SOTA;

There are no specified park frequencies. However given the activity levels the practice is to start above and go up the band.

Recommended frequencies for Park Activities;

SOTA and WWFF are international activities. The practice is to start higher in the bands to align with overseas band plans thus increasing DX opportunities.

  • Phone: 3.744, 7.144, 14.244, 18.144, 21.244, 24.944, 28.444
  • CW: 3.544, 7.024, 10.124, 14.044, 18.084, 21.044, 24.894, 28.044
  • The frequencies listed are recommended. This is a hot topic debated regularly in the varies user groups.

    It has to be stated there is a big round knob on the front of most radios that should be used to respond to current conditions.

    Activators may have to change once onsite and chasers can not expect to site on a frequency and catch all the activity.