Sending activity spots via SMS

ParksNPeaks supports receiving activity spots via SMS.

I have found that SMS messaging will work on a peak where internet access is marginal.

This feature has been added this to allow phones that can't access overseas numbers the ability to spot.

You will need to register an account to use this feature. When registering a account you will need to add the number of the phone you intend to use. The format expected is to support international use so for 0488 123 456 use +61488123456. Note the leading 0 is dropped and +61 added.

There are no charges for using the SMS gateway except for your normal carrier costs.

Gateway numbers for ParksnPeaks SMS Spots are;

key in the spot as a text message using the format below then send as a SMS.

Supported Activities include POTA ZLOTA SIOTA & HEMA with Valid SiteID.

QRP activity supported with no site code but allowing info in comments.

Park Activity Spotting

This example will place a spot on for a activator registered on for Belair under the SANPCPA scheme.

The activator is on 7.090 SSB and appears to be there all day. 

The format is - callsign class location frequency mode comments 

example SMS;

! SANPCPA 5NP-001 7.090 SSB Here all day in the shade

Callsign: '!' will used the call sign associated with user in You can override this to spot someone else but expect this facility to be primary used for activators spotting themselves.

class: 'SANPCPA' For parks use  WWFF ,KRMNPA or SANPCPA.

For Class and Location ID's consult the data tables on -


Location: '5NP-001' This is the summit reference or park id. Each park has a unique ID .

This ID can be found on Jump to the scheme of interest. The Location ID is under 'ID' header.


ID    Type    Name    Region        District
5NP-001    NP    Belair    Adelaide    Southern Lofty

The location ID can be send with or without hyphen,

! SANPCPA 5NP-001 7.090 SSB Here all day in the shade


! SANPCPA 5NP001 7.090 SSB Here all day in the shade

Frequency: '7.090' This is the frequency in MEGAHERTZ
Mode: 'SSB' Operating mode, same as any spot.
Comments: 'Here all day in the shade' There is space for 60 characters of comment. Please no funky characters.


! WWFF VKFF-0022 7.090 SSB Currently in Alfred National
! KRMNPA 3NP001 7.090 SSB Quick KRMNPA activation on way home
! SANPCPA 5NP-001 7.090 SSB

SOTA Spotting

Gateway numbers for ParksnPeaks SMS Spots are;

The ParksnPeaks gateway supports both PARK and SOTA spots. Spots sent that are identified as SOTA spots will be passed through to SotaWatch for processing. As ParksnPeaks forwards the SPOTs, you will need to be registered with Andy’s system.

To gain access, send email to Andy – with your name, number and callsign to be added to the authorised users list.

Once registered you will have access to additional gateways. Current numbers for direct sending to the SotaWatch gatewate include;

The format for SOTA spots is the same as Parks spots. - callsign association location frequency mode comments

So send;

! VK3 VE203 7.090 Ssb cq

! - will match to the registered callsign.
VK3 - The association
VE203 - The summit ID (VE-203 also valid but harder on summit)
7.090 - Frequency in Mhz
mode - SSB,CW FM etc
comments - 60 chars for comments 

For more information as to the format take a look at:


SMS to 0447 568 667


As for most systems these days, are are several complex components in play and it does not allways work first time. It is benifical to use saved messages and test the process before heading out.

The inclusion of 'DEBUG' in the comments will result in the spots not being forwared but an a email being sent to the address associated with the phone number containing the original contents to allow review. The SMS will not be passed on to SOTAWatch or posted on PnP.

This is to help with debugging format and other issues without stressing chasers! If you continue to have trouble sending messages then use the keyword 'DEBUG' and forward the email to support and we will see whats going on.

so the command;

VK3ARH VK3 VE203 7.090 SSB CQ



with the email (NO SPOT is sent) sent to the address against the user containing the following;

So you can see what was received and how it was processed