Processing - D'Aguilar National Park

Status - active

GIS Key - QLD_0073DAG001

IUCN Class - National Park

Create Date - 5/06/2009


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Log String - WWFF D'Aguilar National Park (VKFF-0129)

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IOTA - OC-001 Australia in Australia

D'Aguilar National Park


Clouds overcast clouds, 24.00° ,wind NNW at 0.00mps 88% Humidity and 1,013.00hPa

Latitude : -27.4331 Longitude : 152.8438

Zone - 56J Northing - 6965583, Easting - 484562

Grid - QG62kn Bearing 228° (48°)

Area - 38650.03ha

Tue Mar 26 2019 AEST Sunrise - 05:57 Sunset - 17:51

State - VK4

Type - National Park

Region - Brisbane - West

District - The Gap - Enoggera

Activation Count - 36 Last activation by - VK2GPL on 2018-12-23

Feel free to add links to blogs, web sites or short notes relating to access, conditions or other information that activators and chasers may find useful or interesting.

No Additional Park Data

Summit IDAssociationRegionNameHeightLatLongPointsBonusCountLastStatus
VK4/SE-039Australia - QueenslandSoutheast CoastKluvers Lookout 683-27.2054152.70284413VK3/ZS5APValid
VK4/SE-043Australia - QueenslandSoutheast CoastNth of Mt Byron 662-27.0888152.6627444VK4NHHWithin 100m of boundary.
VK4/SE-045Australia - QueenslandSoutheast CoastSouth of Mt Sim Jue 659-27.2626152.6781446VK4JAZValid
VK4/SE-060Australia - QueenslandSoutheast CoastMt Archer 547-27.0087152.6665220Valid
VK4/SE-116Australia - QueenslandSoutheast CoastMount Samson 690-27.3018152.8013440Valid
VK4/SE-117Australia - QueenslandSoutheast CoastTennison Woods Mtn 770-27.2953152.75126621VK4/VA3OZWithin 100m of boundary.

6 Entries

VK4RMCMt Coot-Tha10.7 km439.975 Mhz434.975 Mhz91.5
VK4RMCMt Coot-tha10.7 km1273.500 Mhz1293.500 Mhz-
VK4RMCMt Coot-Tha10.7 km438.800 Mhz431.800 Mhz-
VK4RMCMt Coot-Tha10.7 km439.975 Mhz434.975 Mhz91.5
VK4RMCMt Coot-tha10.7 km146.650 Mhz146.050 Mhz91.5
VK4RKPMt Crosby11.4 km444.250 Mhz1250.000 Mhz-
VK4RKPMt Crosby11.4 km146.725 Mhz146.125 Mhz-
VK4RZBMt Coot-tha12.1 km438.200 Mhz433.200 Mhz91.5
VK4RBLBardon14.2 km53.950 Mhz52.950 Mhz-
VK4RBNMt Glorious16.2 km147.000 Mhz146.400 Mhz91.5
VK4RWMNorth Ipswic19.4 km147.175 Mhz147.775 Mhz-
VK4RWMNorth Ipswic19.4 km439.925 Mhz434.925 Mhz91.5

15 Entries as at Jan 2019.