Processing - (VKFF-1724) Long Island Recreation Park

Status - active

GIS - (CAPAD_T) SA_0240

IUCN Class - Natural Monument

Create Date - 9/10/1958


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Log String - WWFF Long Island Recreation Park (VKFF-1724)

Award Membership


IOTA - OC-001 Australia in Australia

Long Island Recreation Park


Clouds few clouds, 12.00° ,wind W at 0.00mps 91% Humidity and 1,024.00hPa

Latitude : -35.1304 Longitude : 139.3003

Zone - 54H Northing - 6111173, Easting - 345138

Grid - PF94pu Bearing 236° (56°)

Area - 7.52ha

Wed Jul 24 2019 ACST Sunrise - 07:17 Sunset - 17:21

State - VK5

Type - Recreation Park

Region - South East

District - Murray and Mallee

Activation Count - 2 Last activation by - VK5DW on 2019-04-16


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VK5RMBMt Beevor32.9 km146.875 Mhz146.275 Mhz-
VK5RBKMt Barker35.1 km146.725 Mhz146.125 Mhz-
VK5RAHLobethal47.8 km146.775 Mhz146.175 Mhz-
VK5RADCrafers56.7 km439.925 Mhz434.925 Mhz-
VK5RADCrafers56.7 km147.000 Mhz146.400 Mhz-
VK5RDFCrafers56.7 km438.113 Mhz431.113 Mhz-
VK5RSBSummertown56.8 km53.750 Mhz52.750 Mhz-
VK5RSBSummertown56.8 km1273.500 Mhz1293.500 Mhz-
VK5RSBSummertown56.8 km439.900 Mhz434.900 Mhz91.5
VK5RHOAnstey Hill59.6 km146.850 Mhz146.250 Mhz-
VK5RHOAnstey Hill59.6 km439.875 Mhz434.875 Mhz-
VK5RSFWoodforde60.8 km438.838 Mhz431.838 Mhz-
VK5RWN BBanksia Park61.4 km438.400 Mhz433.000 Mhz-

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