Processing - (VKFF-1856) Thomsons Lake Nature Reserve

Status - active

GIS - (CAPAD_T) WA_15556

IUCN Class - Strict Nature Reserve

Create Date - 8/08/1955


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Log String - WWFF Thomsons Lake Nature Reserve (VKFF-1856)

Award Membership


IOTA - OC-001 Australia in Australia

Thomsons Lake Nature Reserve


Clouds broken clouds, 16.00° ,wind N at 0.00mps 82% Humidity and 1,027.00hPa

Latitude : -32.1503 Longitude : 115.8302

Zone - 50H Northing - 6442305, Easting - 389683

Grid - OF77vu Bearing 255° (75°)

Area - 550.91ha

Sun Jun 16 2019 AWST Sunrise - 07:18 Sunset - 17:15

State - VK6

Type - Nature Reserve

Region - Perth - South West

District - Cockburn

Activation Count - 4 Last activation by - VK6XN on 2018-12-14


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VK6ROX BEast Fremant12.8 km438.125 Mhz432.725 Mhz-
VK6RFMBicton14.3 km146.950 Mhz146.350 Mhz-
VK6RLMRoleystone21.3 km438.525 Mhz431.525 Mhz-
VK6RLMRoleystone21.3 km146.750 Mhz146.150 Mhz-
VK6RWN ADRoleystone21.6 km1298.300 Mhz1298.300 Mhz-
VK6RWN CRoleystone21.6 km146.838 Mhz146.238 Mhz-
VK6RAPRoleystone21.6 km146.700 Mhz146.100 Mhz-
VK6RWN BRoleystone21.6 km438.175 Mhz432.775 Mhz-
VK6RAPRoleystone21.6 km53.800 Mhz52.800 Mhz-
VK6RAPRoleystone21.6 km439.800 Mhz434.800 Mhz123
VK6RHFLeeming23.0 km29.680 Mhz29.580 Mhz179.
VK6RRRKalamunda28.3 km438.200 Mhz432.800 Mhz-
VK6ROTRottnest Is33.3 km439.700 Mhz434.700 Mhz-

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