Processing - Barrington Tops National Park

Status - active


IUCN Class - Wilderness Area

Create Date - 3/12/1969


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Log String - WWFF Barrington Tops National Park (VKFF-0017)

Award Membership


IOTA - OC-001 Australia in Australia

Barrington Tops National Park


Clouds broken clouds, 7.00° ,wind W at 0.00mps 52% Humidity and 1,023.39hPa

Latitude : -32.0215 Longitude : 151.4960

Zone - 56H Northing - 6456192, Easting - 357965

Grid - QF57rx Bearing 225° (45°)

Area - 76893.72ha

Mon Aug 19 2019 AEST Sunrise - 06:29 Sunset - 17:26

State - VK2

Type - National Park

Region - Mid North Coast

District - Taree - Gloucester

Activation Count - 16 Last activation by - VK2YK on 2019-06-30


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No Additional Park Data

Summit IDAssociationRegionNameHeightLatLongPointsBonusCountLastStatus
VK2/HU-002Australia - NSWHunterMount Cockcrow 1398-32.1206151.3018830Valid
VK2/HU-003Australia - NSWHunterBig Losy Mountain 1336-32.0945151.3250830Valid
VK2/HU-013Australia - NSWHunterMount Cabre Bald 988-32.1489151.3834603VK2CDS/PValid
VK2/MN-001Australia - NSWMid North CoastMount Carson 1488-31.9505151.4931835VK2HRXValid
VK2/MN-120Australia - NSWMid North CoastBrumlow Tops 1597-32.0029151.44781037VK2HRXValid
VK2/MN-123Australia - NSWMid North CoastThe Pinnicle 1085-32.1056151.6531601VK2CDS/PValid
VK2/MN-130Australia - NSWMid North CoastVK2/MN-130 998-32.0345151.6574605VK2GPLValid
VK2/MN-136Australia - NSWMid North CoastVK2/MN-136 924-32.0771151.6916604VK2GPL/PValid

8 Entries

VK2RGLCabbage Tree64.4 km147.100 Mhz147.700 Mhz-
VK2RGLCabbage Tree64.4 km147.200 Mhz147.800 Mhz-
VK2REEMt Ganghat65.6 km438.325 Mhz433.325 Mhz-
VK2REEMt Ganghat65.6 km146.675 Mhz146.075 Mhz123
VK2REEMt Ganghat65.6 km438.325 Mhz433.325 Mhz-
VK2REEMt Ganghat65.6 km146.675 Mhz146.075 Mhz123
VK2RABMt Crawney67.8 km146.825 Mhz146.225 Mhz-
VK2RABMt Crawney67.8 km438.475 Mhz431.475 Mhz-
VK2RAIBooral70.0 km439.275 Mhz434.275 Mhz-
VK2RZLMt Arthur71.0 km146.875 Mhz146.275 Mhz123
VK2ROJGan Gan Hill76.0 km439.700 Mhz434.700 Mhz91.5
VK2RPWGrundy Mtn78.7 km53.575 Mhz52.575 Mhz-
VK2RPWGrundy Mtn78.7 km438.225 Mhz431.225 Mhz-
VK2RPWGrundy Mtn78.7 km146.925 Mhz146.325 Mhz-

15 Entries as at Jan 2019.