Processing - Croajingolong National Park

ID - 121 Status - active

GIS - (CAPAD_T) VIC_3311

IUCN Class - National Park

Create Date - 30/10/1956


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Log String - WWFF Croajingolong National Park (VKFF-0119)

Award Membership


IOTA - OC-001 Australia in Australia and coastal islands not qualifying for other groups below

KRMNPA - 3NP-011

POTA - VK-0445

Croajingolong National Park


Clear clear sky, 9.00° ,wind WNW at 0.00mps 90% Humidity and 1,026.00hPa

Latitude : -37.6500 Longitude : 149.4833

Zone - 55H Northing - 5830116, Easting - 719076

Grid - QF42ri Bearing 223.9891° (43.98910000000001°)

Area - 88481.30ha

Fri May 29 2020 AEST Sunrise - 07:09 Sunset - 16:49

State - VK3

Type - National Park

Region - Latrobe - Gippsland

District - Gippsland - East

Management - Parks Victoria

Notes - The Croajingolong National Park is a coastal national park located in the East Gippsland region of the Australian state of Victoria. The 88,355-hectare (218,330-acre) national park is situated approximately 450 kilometres (280 mi) east of Melbourne and 500 kilometres (310 mi) south of Sydney.The name Croajingolong derives from the Australian Aboriginal Krauatungalung words galung, meaning "belonging to" and kraua, meaning "east".

Activation Count - 30 Last activation by - VK3VJP on 2019-09-27


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Summit IDAssociationRegionNameHeightLatLongPointsBonusCountLastStatus
VK3/VG-141Australia - VictoriaVictoria - East GippslandGenoa Peak 488-37.5299149.6267101VK1ATValid
VK3/VG-146Australia - VictoriaVictoria - East GippslandMt Carlyle 433-37.4735149.8802100Valid
VK3/VG-147Australia - VictoriaVictoria - East GippslandHowe Hill 391-37.5076149.8883100Valid
VK3/VG-151Australia - VictoriaVictoria - East GippslandMt Everard 348-37.7163149.2873101VK3PF/PValid
VK3/VG-183Australia - VictoriaVictoria - East GippslandTamboon Hill 260-37.7513149.1622100Valid

5 Entries

VK3REGMt Cann44.4 km146.650 Mhz146.050 Mhz-
VK3RDHMt Delegate79.1 km146.625 Mhz146.025 Mhz-
VK3RDGMt Delegate79.1 km147.125 Mhz147.725 Mhz-
VK2RWPWolumla Peak90.0 km439.900 Mhz434.900 Mhz-
VK3REBMt Nowa Nowa122.6 km146.900 Mhz146.300 Mhz-

8 Entries as at Jan 2019.